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Hi, Welcome to The World According To Curran blog page. This page is a companion to the news show of the same name. I’m the host Curran Vinson, and my hope is that you’ll find this blog at least informative; often useful, and occasionally illuminating. I cover world news, public interest, politics, and entertainment.

Mainstream and broadcast news wants to give you the world as they see it. Black and white, neatly packaged, and served on plates that are always spinning.

But the internet has given us an opportunity to see the world as it is…beautiful, ugly; tragic yet hopeful…a place where complicated situations often mask simple truths. I talk to the people behind the events that shape our world.

I Come into your communities, and explore the bonds that set your community apart, and makes it uniquely your home… but most important , I want to  talk to you, in this place,  and learn about the concerns that unite us all.

I will post every Sunday to let you know about that weeks show, and special guest. I’ll check every day to see what you have to say about our topics, but  the world is a big place, and I can’t get to everything, so I’m counting on you, your friends and neighbors to share with me the things that I might have missed…so please don’t be shy! If we use your idea we may invite you to call in and share your point of view with my listeners ALL OVER THE WORLD on KCWG The TRUTH Radio (no pressure though)!  But if sharing your private opinions, live with millions of people around the world puts you off, we also offer a Starbucks gift card. There are no “good” or “bad” questions or opinions… I ask only that you use such profanity as is necessary to intelligently convey your position.

“The times, they are a changin…” and there’s a lot to talk about, don’t be strangers! Be welcome!

The World According To Curran airs

Every Friday night @ 7 pm Pacific Time



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  1. I would really like to use the photo of the 2 Israeli / Arab boys hugging for an album cover. If you know who has the rights to this picture then please lmk. Thank you so much richieHPT@gmail.com. (And if this post goes to your website- can u just take it off because my email is on here- thanks and have a great day!)


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