The New Hampshire Primary: Losing Relevance in The New Millennium

New Hampshire hasn’t picked a “winner” since 1988…why? We are driven, like cattle, every four years, by the media, to the trough that is New Hampshire, and there, force fed a noxious amalgam of meaningless polls, misleading data, and hours of mind numbing, political chatter. This ritual is part of a continuing effort (by both parties) to pay homage to a broken political machine, whose time has come.  The world is changing, and the Collective American, is changing along with it.

We crave something more:  power, purpose, independence…reconciliation? Who knows, but what we do know is, that whatever it is, won’t be found trolling the barren wasteland of yesterdays political landscape. The sustenance we seek is organic, authentic, and sustainable; the founding concepts of a new millennium. I’m not saying that the primaries, in general, don’t serve a purpose; I’m saying that the primaries, in general need to be re-purposed to inform, not dictate… to reveal, not expose… to guide, not manipulate- in short they need to become “authentic.”


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