The World According To Curran

Today’s question is the result of an internal struggle that I’ve been having for the last year or so. On one hand, I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that an effective policing  force is an absolutely essential part of building a civil society. To deny that society would tear itself apart without one, would reflect an ignorance so complete that it could only be intentional. However, every time I hear about some “innocent” person being strangled out of existence by a “strong-arm” bureaucracy, what can I say… my inner Ice Cube comes out and “F*ck The Police!” becomes the depths and breadth of my civil rationale.

How do we reconcile these two views? Do we continue to turn the other cheek, trust that Lady Justice will eventually reign-in her wayward children, and then start praying that no one we love falls victim to their irrevocable indiscretions OR do we “whoride” on the b*tch, set…

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