The World According To Curran

Dear Good Cop,

You may remember me, I was the kid who shared his peanut-butter sandwich with you on our first day in kindergarten. Later, in high school, you saved me from being “trashed” by a group of ravenous upper-classmen during our freshman year. It doesn’t surprise me that you chose to become a police officer, there’s always been something of the hero in you, but as I’m sure you know by now, not all police are made of the same stuff.I know you’re busy, so I’d like to keep this letter brief. Lately there have been some disturbing stories circulating on the news and through social media about some of your co-workers, and as a father, a husband-a protector, I am compelled to appeal to you my friend, and my neighbor.   During the discussions I’ve heard debating Michael Brown, Kelly Thomas, Eric Garner, Sandra Bland, Troy Goode

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