Something Easy (Woof!)

The other day I heard a man declare in a fit of manly manliness that he was a “Dober-man!” I laughed along with everyone else initially, but then I became curious about why he would identify himself in this way, so I did the only logical thing I could do- I asked him. He’s about 5’3 and chunky- the kind of person who’s hands you can’t look at without  thinking about sausages; So, why the sleek, yet powerfully built model of canine idealism? Because… “They’re sexy.” he says,”I own three of them, and when I take them out I get sooo much action…” ( and yes, “sooo”, is a direct quote.) He continues, taking  a more philosophical tone, “you know… the chicks like a man who’s in charge, [when] I’m holding my three sexy bitches on a leash,  [that] makes me feel sexy and in charge; and I guess it just radiates out!” Hmmm… food for thought. What do you think; If you had to choose a dog that best summed up the “real” you, would you be sexy, fierce, cuddly, or just hairy? Mine was easy!





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