Ready Or Not, Here She Comes!!!

This is gonna sound corny to some, and like a “line” to others, but I… Love… Women! And I think their time is neigh…in the U.S. I mean; According to, there are 22 female heads of state as of this year, with one of them being the fifth most powerful person on this little chunk of rock, but as the U.S. preps itself for the wholesale peddling of flesh that is the General Election, both sides are making it abundantly clear that they are willing to consider “trying new things” if it culminates in them being able to do the “Ickey Shuffle” in the Oval Office. Is She ready… are we? Inquiring minds want to know…


Girl Power

Fifth Most Powerful Person in the World (German Chancellor)
Angela Merkel
President of Brasil
Dilma Rouseff
Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton
President of S. Korea
Park Geun-hye

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