Unlikely Hero: Redux

 My last post “The Unlikely Hero?”, posed this question: “Did Dylann Roof inadvertently kill racism?”; when I asked this question over the air the response was swift and, for the sake of brevity let’s just say pessimistic. Citing Treyvon Martin, Jordan Davis, Michael Brown, Eric Garner- to name but a few, the consensus among my listeners was: One: Dylann Roof is a cold-blooded racist murderer, and thus, should not receive credit for any positive outcome, and two: Americans, both, of European, and African descent are so blinded by the glare and glamour of the media, that when the lights finally fade, they’ve lost sight of what they were trying to accomplish; Nevertheless, the Confederate Flag was taken down, after five decades, to be moved to a museum, where it can take its rightful place along side the Swastika. Why today? Why not during the 60’s when the voices decrying Jim Crow, and everything it stood for were strong and loud; and when some of the greatest leaders the world would ever know, rallied millions in a crusade for dignity, equality, and justice (the opposite of everything the flag stood for!) why not then?

Today’s Poll

I’m particularly interested in your answers, so make good use of the “other” answer button if none of mine appeal to you!

MLK2MalcomX2Confederate Flag 1



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