The Hero

Dear Good Cop,

You may remember me, I was the kid who shared his peanut-butter sandwich with you on our first day in kindergarten. Later, in high school, you saved me from being “trashed” by a group of ravenous upper-classmen during our freshman year. It doesn’t surprise me that you chose to become a police officer, there’s always been something of the hero in you, but as I’m sure you know by now, not all police are made of the same stuff.I know you’re busy, so I’d like to keep this letter brief. Lately there have been some disturbing stories circulating on the news and through social media about some of your co-workers, and as a father, a husband-a protector, I am compelled to appeal to you my friend, and my neighbor.   During the discussions I’ve heard debating Michael Brown, Kelly Thomas, Eric Garner, Sandra Bland, Troy Goode, and most recently, Sam Dubose, I’ve heard this idea that police officers are just humans under enormous stress trying to do an extremely difficult job under impossible circumstances. I would agree with all of it, but I happened to know you when you were the chubby kid with bad knees, glasses, and a heart so big  he would sooner take a butt-stomping than watch a kid he didn’t even know get tossed down a hill in a trashcan, and because of you I’m a believer. I believe that there are “good cops”; uncommon men and women that are compelled to put their lives on the line everyday in order to “Serve and Protect”, people who would sooner die than betray the sacred endowment of the public trust. My hope is that you, and officers like you, will reach out to your community, and remind those that may have forgotten that  the responsibility they bear is bigger than them, and that choosing to be The Hero is choosing to be something more than human. Remind them before it’s too late that without the public’s trust, America becomes just another police state, no different than any of history’s totalitarian regimes. I don’t want another Ferguson, Watts, Los Angeles, or Baltimore- I’m no revolutionary, but I have a family to protect; a family of fine young men, and beautiful and talented women who all deserve the opportunity to make this world a better place, and I would rather see riots on every corner- from Los Angeles to D.C., before I’d see any of them come to unnecessary harm. In short my friend- be the hero I know you to be, and set the example; hold accountable those that would use The Shield you were born to wear, as a mere prop to mask their cruelty, prejudice, and fear. Be blessed, and be well.

In Service and Friendship




The debates rage on: guns, no guns; to carry openly, to conceal and carry; guns everywhere, guns nowhere, and now… The University of Michigan poses a very interesting question…



Guns in school kids


Recently the city of Gardena, California settled with the families of two unarmed men, shot by Gardena officers; Ricardo Diaz Zeferino died as a result of his wounds. I won’t mention the sum of the settlement, because after seeing the video (posted below), the millions offered seems offensive (to me);   the pain of senseless loss that the family must now bear, will haunt them, whether they live in a tenement or a mansion. Also… this isn’t the lottery people! Innocent people of every race creed and color are being killed by the men and women who are supposed to protect us, and a million dollar bills can’t erase the stain of this betrayal.


Something Easy (Woof!)

The other day I heard a man declare in a fit of manly manliness that he was a “Dober-man!” I laughed along with everyone else initially, but then I became curious about why he would identify himself in this way, so I did the only logical thing I could do- I asked him. He’s about 5’3 and chunky- the kind of person who’s hands you can’t look at without  thinking about sausages; So, why the sleek, yet powerfully built model of canine idealism? Because… “They’re sexy.” he says,”I own three of them, and when I take them out I get sooo much action…” ( and yes, “sooo”, is a direct quote.) He continues, taking  a more philosophical tone, “you know… the chicks like a man who’s in charge, [when] I’m holding my three sexy bitches on a leash,  [that] makes me feel sexy and in charge; and I guess it just radiates out!” Hmmm… food for thought. What do you think; If you had to choose a dog that best summed up the “real” you, would you be sexy, fierce, cuddly, or just hairy? Mine was easy!





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Ready Or Not, Here She Comes!!!

This is gonna sound corny to some, and like a “line” to others, but I… Love… Women! And I think their time is neigh…in the U.S. I mean; According to, there are 22 female heads of state as of this year, with one of them being the fifth most powerful person on this little chunk of rock, but as the U.S. preps itself for the wholesale peddling of flesh that is the General Election, both sides are making it abundantly clear that they are willing to consider “trying new things” if it culminates in them being able to do the “Ickey Shuffle” in the Oval Office. Is She ready… are we? Inquiring minds want to know…


Girl Power

Fifth Most Powerful Person in the World (German Chancellor)
Angela Merkel
President of Brasil
Dilma Rouseff
Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton
President of S. Korea
Park Geun-hye

Unlikely Hero: Redux

 My last post “The Unlikely Hero?”, posed this question: “Did Dylann Roof inadvertently kill racism?”; when I asked this question over the air the response was swift and, for the sake of brevity let’s just say pessimistic. Citing Treyvon Martin, Jordan Davis, Michael Brown, Eric Garner- to name but a few, the consensus among my listeners was: One: Dylann Roof is a cold-blooded racist murderer, and thus, should not receive credit for any positive outcome, and two: Americans, both, of European, and African descent are so blinded by the glare and glamour of the media, that when the lights finally fade, they’ve lost sight of what they were trying to accomplish; Nevertheless, the Confederate Flag was taken down, after five decades, to be moved to a museum, where it can take its rightful place along side the Swastika. Why today? Why not during the 60’s when the voices decrying Jim Crow, and everything it stood for were strong and loud; and when some of the greatest leaders the world would ever know, rallied millions in a crusade for dignity, equality, and justice (the opposite of everything the flag stood for!) why not then?

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Poll: The Unlikely Hero?

Am I losing my mind or did a white racist assassin from South Carolina accomplish what 1 civil war, 29 Presidents (including Barack Obama), MLK, Malcolm X, Marcus Garvey, and scores of activist could not; Did Dylan Roof, inadvertently, kill racism? Ultimately, we all know that “isms” will exist as long as humans exist, but Jim Crow and the so-called “Black Codes” gave American racism a certain look and feel that allowed it flourish as long as it did so in  the dark, under sheets- anywhere where it could be cloaked in deniability or buried in circumstance. Some how Dylan Roof changed all of that; As a result of the shooting, attendance at the Emmanuel A.M.E. Church has skyrocketed with “white” Americans filling the pews of the historically “black” church in an uncommon show of solidarity and respect, and if that isn’t proof enough of something strange happening there’s this issue of the Confederate flag being removed from S. Carolina’s Capitol and government buildings!  Hmm… very interesting… What you think?

 The Poll:

My heart goes out to those who lost their lives in this senseless act of hate and malice, and to the loved ones, and the communities that are left to carry on without them, it is in their honor, memory and spirit that we explore this question.