Tying The Knot Without Tying The Noose: Professional Planners Share Their Cost Saving Secrets!


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I’m the father of two beautiful, intelligent, seemingly pragmatic, young ladies. The elder is 20 and the baby is 6. I feel like this is important to say, because many of you will no doubt wonder why I care…what’s in it for me…but the instant I mention having daughters all the lights come on, as well as a couple of bells, a few whistles, and two or three alarms!  The fact is…one day I will be on the hook for at least two of these “blessed” events…if I’m “lucky!”

Weddings are big business, and with the rise of television shows like Bridezilla, My Fair Wedding, Say Yes to the Dress, and Four Weddings, it’s easy to forget that the wedding is only the first part (the fun part) of the journey that is marriage.

The Question: How can you build the perfect wedding without breaking the bank?


$28,671 the average cost of a U.S. wedding


Lots of Couples

5,908 average number of wedding of weddings that take place everyday in the U.S.

126-136 is the average number of guest


126-136 is the average number of guest




$54.6 billion per year is spent on weddings in the U.S.

 $54.6 billion per year is spent on weddings in the U.S.


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My guest this week are:

Carmel Hemsley
Carmel Hemsley

(Owner, Designer, Coordinator) for All That Pazazz Event Planners in Diamond Bar, Ca.

Years Of Experience: 10

Advice For New Brides:

“If you’ve gone through all the trouble of hiring a wedding planner-trust them!  Let them do the worrying while you enjoy being The Bride!”

Here Comes The Guide
Jolene Harrington

Director of Creative Content for Here Comes The Guide.

Years Of Experience: 18

Advice For New Brides:

 “Your wedding is the first major investment you and your spouse will make, and investments are best analyzed without too much emotion. If you find that it’s hard to be objective pick someone you trust ie cousin, uncle, mother, friend anyone will do, and let them take the lead, and bring final choices to you for approval”

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